CEPE launches consumer campaign highlighting benefits of decorative paints.


CEPE is today launching a social media campaign highlighting the benefits of decorative paints for

consumers. The #paintgivesyou campaign features a series of eye-catching posts demonstrating the value of paints in uses ranging from bringing colour to home and workspaces to making products last longer and cutting down on waste.

“What does paint give you? It gives you colour and energy, it protects what’s valuable to you, it gives you a way to express yourself, and it makes things last longer,” said Christel Davidson, Managing Director of CEPE.

“We want to make people more aware of the positive benefits of paints and the hard work being done by the industry to make them easier to use, contributing not only to a more beautiful world, but also to our health and well-being.“

The #paintgivesyou campaign posts include examples of how paints can brighten and energize spaces and provide fuel for self-expression and creativity. It also highlights the benefit of paints in protecting products ranging from cars to smartphones, helping them last longer and stay beautiful.

“Paints play such an important role in our personal lives and for society as a whole,” Davidson said. “They provide colour and protection, and by helping things last longer, they make the world more sustainable. We want paint to keep giving in the future so that future generations can also enjoy these benefits.”