Dear Members,

Starting January 2021, IVP Coatings will change its approach towards working groups.

In order to better meet our members’ needs, we will organize transversal working groups focussed on clear topics rather than working groups related to activities.

Why? Topics like innovation, education and sustainability concern us all. We will also launch a new permanent working group on marketing & communication to identify and implement communication opportunities and actions

However, we will maintain dedicated working groups on a regular basis for specific materials requiring it (ELW, Xthermo, Inks) or ad hoc meetings depending on the needs and requests of our members (Deco, IPMC, Non Paint, Car refinish).

To stay informed it is very important to update your preferences, which will also be used in the development of our new CRM.

We invite you to indicate below the subjects you wish to be informed about ( via extranet, meetings, newsletters, trainings, technical advice, …).

Thank you for your collaboration!

CRM Update v2

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  • Working groups

    This committee focuses on all legislation related to our sector (safety, the environment, biocides, …) and innovation.
    This committee sets up initiatives around education and training and the promotion and branding of our sector. This committee works closely together with other stakeholders such as schools, the construction industry, regional employment services (e.g. VDAB, FOREM), …
    This committee focusses on circular economy and sustainable development
    This new committee is intended to focus on communication opportunities and actions
  • Ad hoc (organised on demand if necessary)
  • Activity

    This committee consists of manufacturers and importers of liquid waterproofing products. The committee tries to upgrade the image of their products and take necessary actions towards various stakeholders such as CSTC (WTCB). Members of this committee take up an advisory role in these external technical committees.
    This committee consists of manufacturers and importers of External Thermal insulation Composite Systems (ETICS). This committee tries to promote and defend their products at Belgian and EU level. has a ‘technical’ and a ‘marketing’ committee who take on specific tasks, coordinated by a Steering Committee.
    This committee treats issues relevant to the printing ink market in close cooperation with Eupia, the European Ink Federation.
  • Ad hoc (organised on demand if necessary)
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