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Making sustainable products that effectively and durably protect the materials to which they are applied, while respecting health, the environment and regulations. That is one of IVP Coatings’ missions.

IVP Coatings wishes to play a pioneering role with regard to sustainability and has created a new Sustainability Working Group, which will provide members with up to date information and encourage them to further integrate sustainability in their daily activities.

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25/10/2021 /  13:30 – 16:00 in Brussels – Online

  • Innovative coatings : what can we learn from other sectors?
  • Keynotes : Pieter Samyn (Sirris), Myriam Vanneste (Centexbel) and Jeroen Vrijders (WTCB)
    • Pieter Samyn, Senior Engineer Circular Economy Renewable materials at Sirris : Coatings from bio-renewable resources for protective paints in construction industry
      As part of rendering construction materials more sustainable, the increase in the material’s lifetime through protective coatings against mechanical abrasion, corrosion and weathering influences is essential. Industrial applications are presently highly challenged by implementing the shift from traditional fossil-based polymer ingredients towards coating formulations with high bio-renewable content. In one approach, the use of bio-based drop-in formulations – if available – requires good insight in the processing conditions and needs appropriate adaptations in application conditions. Alternatively, one can benefit from better performance and novel functionalities created through the bio-based materials. In this presentation, some recent case studies performed in our laboratories are highlighted for use of bio-based acrylate, epoxy, polyurethane and vegetable-oil coatings. In particular, the transition towards waterborne formulations needs the parallel development of alternative mechanisms for in-can preservation.
    • Myriam Vanneste, R&D manager Centexbel-VKC : Coated products, a challenge for recycling
      Using coatings generates per definition a multi-material product that makes recycling challenging.
      Thought this presentation a number of possibilities are shown how this challenges can be tackled for coated and laminated textiles & plastics.
    • Jeroen Vrijders, Head of Laboratory « Sustainable & Circular Solutions » at WTCB-CSTC-BBRI : Transition to a circular economy : case study of the building sector
      What opportunities do urban mining, change-oriented construction, new business models and attention to the life cycle of a building offer companies in this sector? What solutions already exist, and where can additional steps be taken?
      Through a general introduction, the basic concepts will be explained and some concrete examples will be given.

January/February 2022

  • End of life : recycling possibilities of waste streams in our sector
  • Keynotes: Denuo, Suez, (Experts to be confirmed)


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