Online workshop: Bio-based materials and circularity in coating & composite applications

Are you inspired on the use of innovative bio-based materials and technologies for coating and composite applications? Then, this workshop co-organized by IVP Coatings, Sirris and Centexbel in parallel with running COOCK-projects BioCoat and Brepla is for you! Six technical talks are selected with invited experts of Sirris, Centexbel, Materia Nova, University Antwerp and will […]

New Sustainability Working Group : Information and next meetings

Making sustainable products that effectively and durably protect the materials to which they are applied, while respecting health, the environment and regulations. That is one of IVP Coatings’ missions. IVP Coatings wishes to play a pioneering role with regard to sustainability and has created a new Sustainability Working Group, which will provide members with up […]