Online workshop: Bio-based materials and circularity in coating & composite applications


Are you inspired on the use of innovative bio-based materials and technologies for coating and composite applications?

Then, this workshop co-organized by IVP Coatings, Sirris and Centexbel in parallel with running COOCK-projects BioCoat and Brepla is for you!

Six technical talks are selected with invited experts of Sirris, Centexbel, Materia Nova, University Antwerp and will include following topics:

  • Biocomposites: technical opportunities for lightweight applications
  • Recycling of polyurethanes and strategies for coating applications
  • Nanocellulose in coating and composite applications
  • Bio-sourcing of polyurethanes: recent progress and beyond
  • Selection and performance of bio-based resins for coatings
  • Synthesis and water dispersibility of non-isocyanate polyurethane


When: 22 November from 13.30 to 16.00

Where: Online

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